Via Panisperna, Rome

The Catacombs of Paris

For something a little different in Paris, step underground into the Catacombs.

The Spanish Steps in Rome

As touristy as it is, the Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly a must see in Paris. I recommend visiting both during the day and at night when it is all lit up.

When is your favourite time to visit?

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The Pantheon, Rome

Dudh Pohkari, also known as Gokyo Tsho, is the largest of the six sacred lakes of Gokyo in Nepal. One of my favourite places in the world.

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The interior of Bath Abbey. In case you missed it, more on the blog here ->

Hiking the Hooker Valley Track in New Zealand

Looking back to when I went hiking in the Hooker Valley, New Zealand. Such a spectacular place!

How to spend one day in Bath

I was really surprised by how much there was to do in Bath. If you're like me and only have one day, here's how you should spend your time.

Wellington Point. Winter in Brisbane, Australia

Looking out over the rooftops of Riomaggiore, #Italy

Just one of the towers of San Gimignano #Italy

Arlington Row in Bibury, England

An iconic Cotswold scene in Bibury, England

Pienza, Tuscany

Pisa, Italy

The World's Ultimate Bucket List for 2018© By

Some cool experiences to add to your bucket list. There are quite a few on here that I still need to tick off :) How many have you done?

Cortona, #Tuscany . I only had a quick visit to this famous hilltop town, and realised I would have to come back for a longer stay. There's always another reason to go back to #Italy 😉

Pulteney Bridge in Bath, England

Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon in Bath, UK. Such a nice city.

Canal Grande #Venezia #italy

This was the piazza in my local neighbourhood in #Venice. A good spot for aperitivo 😊

This shot is from a wander around Dorsoduro, a quieter part of #Venice

Pizza Boscaiola 😍 #italy #foodporn

Burano is so colourful #Venice

I took a boat trip out to Burano, another island in the Venetian Lagoon. I was really impressed by the colourful houses lining canals and narrow laneways. It is the sort of place that just makes you feel happy.

Started the day with a visit to Murano, known for its exquisite glass blowing work shops. It is, obviously, also the best place to buy Murano Glass. Apart from that it is a nice island just to wander around. #Venice #Italy

Looking across to San Marco from Dorsoduro #Venice

Checking out Ca' Rezzonico in Venice, a beautifully preserved Venetian Palace with amazing antiques and artwork. The best part is that there are so few people visiting, making it a much more enjoyable experience away from the crowds.

Palazzo Ducale, #Venice

Around every corner in Venice you come across a new, intriguing scene. In this snapshot, the marble wall of Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli slips into a quiet canal.

Just arrived in Venezia and took a wander down to Ponte Rialto, which I departed quickly in search of quieter alleys and tranquil canals. Still, I do like the Grand Canal with its consistent stream of boats heading up and down, and the old palaces and mansions that line its entire length. The gondolas aren't too bad to look at either. #Venice #Italy

Naturally, I climbed to the top of the tower of the Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra, because the town itself isn't already high enough. #Tuscany #Italy

Piazza Grande in Montepulciano, Tuscany.

Just one of the amazing views I had today in Val d'Orcia, Tuscany. This is from the village of Pienza.

Duomo in Florence, Italy. Unseen is the blanket of people surrounding it 😉

Exploring San Gimignano today, a beautifully preserved medieval hilltop town in Tuscany, known for its many medieval towers.

It's well worth the climb to the top of the Panorama del Facciatone for the amazing views of Siena and the countryside beyond #Tuscany

Radda in Chianti, #Tuscany

The tiny village of Lecchi in Chianti will be home for the next week here in Tuscany. It is a typical little Tuscan village with a cluster of stone buildings lining a narrow street, surrounded by picturesque green rolling hills covered in olive groves, vineyards and forest. I took a wander through the village to the tiny grocery shop to pick up a few things, and was warmly greeted by everyone along the way. Locals were sitting at the village cafe chatting happily over beers, while kids were free to play on the street and the little village park. The bells ring from the church every hour, but otherwise all I can hear from my balcony is the sound of the birds in the olive trees below. Basically, I want to move here immediately.

Photos from The Road to Anywhere's post

I'm back in the beautiful Cinque Terre in Italy.

Visited the Galleria Borghese this morning in #Rome. An absolute must if you love art. What's great is that visits are timed, limited to a reasonable number of people booked in 2 hour timeslots. This avoids the crowding that you experience at other popular sites such as the Vatican Museums. It meant that I could really appreciate the art a lot more here. I will visit again. #art

The more I travel, the less I care about the big tourist sites. Instead, I find myself more interested in the smaller things, such as wandering down an unknown street in a new city, or just sitting at a cafe and watching people go about their daily lives. In this instance, I am intrigued by the Romans' ability to park their cars in the smallest of spaces. They will literally park in any available space possible, as long as it fits the exact dimensions of their vehicle. I watched a guy do this with the precision of a surgeon.

The Romans may not like it, but the Altare della Patria (or Il Vittoriano) is quite spectacular, even if it serves no particular purpose. #rome #italy

I'm finally back in Rome after nearly 8 years. I can think of few better places to just wander around aimlessly along the cobblestone streets.

I spent the day exploring the Cotswolds yesterday. This is the village of Bibury in Gloucester. It is a very beautiful part of the world and I have only just scratched the surface. There are so many little villages to explore.

Arundel Castle, home to the Dukes of Norfolk for over 850 years

Newbury, UK

The Roman Baths of Bath, UK.

The Great Hall, Winchester

Snow on the trail in Nepal

On my most recent trek in Nepal it started snowing, and it hardly stopped for days, creating a new challenge to independent trekking.